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Installing DECRA Shake XD Roofs in Iowa

We all want our homes to look their absolute best, but the question is are we willing to sacrifice strength and durability to do so? With the DECRA Shake XD, you don’t have to. This metal roofing material mimics the rustic appeal and architectural detail of a wood shake, without the fading, poor water resistance, or maintenance requirements of real wood. All American Roofing & Construction offers the DECRA Shake XD in a variety of color options and provides expert installation at your home. We’ll partner with you to pick the perfect roofing material to match the current style and color of your home. Once you reach a decision, we’ll install the interlocking panels of the DECRA Shake XD with superior craftsmanship to ensure this roofing material protects your home for years to come. Call us today for additional information.

yellow house with metal shake roof

The Beauty of Shakes with the Durability of Metal

Wood shakes are a highly sought-after roofing material due to their natural-looking beauty. The only problem is, they fade quickly when exposed to weather, often turning a dull gray color and losing the luster they had. They are also highly vulnerable to splitting and loosening around the fasteners, making them extremely prone to damage due to wind uplift and flying debris. Even the most top-of-the-line cedar shakes are only minimally resistant to moisture, leaving them at risk for bacterial and fungal growth. Metal shakes like the DECRA Shake XD have none of these issues because they are constructed with durable stone-coated steel. This metal alternative allows you to get all the beauty of shakes without the maintenance or worry of damage which often accompanies wood options.

Discover the Benefits of DECRA Shake XD

Update your home with new shake roofing that will last for years to come. When All American Roofing & Construction installs the DECRA Shake XD at your home, you’ll quickly notice the benefits of this durable metal roofing. Call us today for additional information, and we’ll help you upgrade your home with a new metal roofing material.

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