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We Install DECRA Shakes for Iowa Homeowners

Update your home with the beautiful look of wood shakes without the worry of fading or decay. DECRA shakes are a metal alternative that provides all the aesthetic appeal of wood shakes with none of the maintenance requirements. Unlike DECRA shakes, wood shakes require the most upkeep of any roofing material. Without proper care, they are prone to fading, splitting, and bacterial and fungal growth. All American Roofing & Construction can install DECRA shakes to prevent you from having to do all this work. These metal shakes are installed in interlocking panels for easy installation. The finished product is an elegant appearance and a distinctive beauty, and will also be able to endure all climate conditions. Contact us today to learn more about this roofing option.

house with metal roof

The Most Durable Roofing Material

Made with stone-coated steel, DECRA shakes are one of the strongest roofing materials on the market. The interlocking panels provide unbeatable strength that wood shakes simply cannot achieve. And did we mention our DECRA shakes are available in many different color options? You have the freedom to choose the perfect color to match your home. You also get unmatched durability. Doesn’t that sound like a win-win? With all of the following features, DECRA shakes can stand against the elements:

  • Wind: Warrantied to withstand winds up to 120 miles per hour
  • Hail: Received the highest rating of impact resistance at Class 4
  • Fire: Manufactured with non-combustible Class A fire-rated material
  • Snow and Ice: The surface is non-porous, making it freeze and thaw resistant.

Contact Us Today

If you’re interested in learning more about DECRA shakes, now is the time to reach out to the team at All American Roofing & Construction. We will answer any questions you have about this metal roofing material. We’ll even schedule an appointment to visit your home, assess your current roof, and provide you with a sample of this revolutionary roofing option. Get in touch with us today to make an appointment.

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